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It is important to prepare clinicians with training and communication skills for disclosing medical errors and adverse events to patients and their families, but institutions may find it challenging to devise effective and efficient training programs. The Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice at Children's Hospital in Boston and CRICO/RMF, the malpractice insurance company for Harvard institutions, have developed a program to prepare clinicians to coach their peers through these difficult conversations in real time. Over the past two years, our audioconference faculty have been involved in developing the program and conducting workshops in which clinicians learn coaching skills through simulated events and debriefing. Working as a team, with the help of trained actors as patients and family members, physicians and nurses learn to assess their colleagues' emotional states, and practice developing an agenda for the conversation, as well as anticipating and preparing for difficult questions. With this training, clinicians can support their colleagues with real-time coaching in the immediate aftermath of an adverse event. Our faculty members will discuss the background and details of this innovative program.

What Is an Audioconference?

It is a live event that includes session handouts, an interactive question and answer period, and access for an unlimited number of participants at each call-in site. However, only one site can be offered per registration. It is impermissible for an organization to purchase one registration and to operate multiple sites through an internal telephone system. During the live Audioconference participants will be able to ask questions and make comments. The Audioconference faculty has agreed to take follow-up questions via email. Audioconferences are simple, accessible, cost effective and reach a broad audience locally.

Who Should Listen:
  • Clinicians (Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists and Other Health Professionals) engaged in Medical and Ambulatory Care
  • Patient Safety Officers
  • Educators of Healthcare Providers
  • Trustees of Health Care Organizations
  • Employers and Healthcare Purchaser Representatives
  • Patient, Families and others committed to making healthcare safer
  • Health Insurance and Health Plan Executives
  • Hospital and Health System Administrators
  • Quality Assurance and Risk Management Experts
  • Healthcare Consultants, Venture Capitalists and Investment Bankers
  • Healthcare Attorneys and In-House Counsel
  • Health Service Researchers and Health Policy Experts
Audioconference Materials:

All Faculty Materials will be Posted on the Patient Safety Audioconference website: www.PatientSafetyAudioconferences.com/PSAudio20090304 in downloadable PDF Formats.

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